[syslog-ng] Need Assistance:error while loading shared libraries: libsyslog-ng-3.6.so.0

Nitish Saboo nitish.saboo55 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 14:06:44 UTC 2019


I am using syslog-ng-3.6.2 (
I want to use syslog-ng header files in my project.
I am calling syslog-ng code from my Go code.

I compiled my source code in my local system ( go build -v -x main.go) and
created a binary called 'main'.
My binary is running successfully on my local system.

When I copy the binary ('main') in another Linux box and try to run it as
'./main' it is giving me the following error:

ubuntu at ingest-0693b91d:~$ ./main
./main: error while loading shared libraries: libsyslog-ng-3.6.so.0: cannot
open shared object file: No such file or directory

I have syslog-ng-3.6.2 shared files in the following location
'/home/ubuntu/test/syslog/syslog-ng-3.6.2/install/lib/syslog-ng' and  I
have set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to {prefix}/lib/syslog-ng

Can someone please guide me, why is it giving such error ?

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