[syslog-ng] Syslog-ng setup for both RFC3164 and RFC5124

Carlan Philippe philrmls at yahoo.fr
Sun Feb 24 01:07:01 UTC 2019

Hi all, 
Is there a way to configure syslog-ng to process properly both RFC3164 and RFC5124 on the same listening port ? 
The scenario is a bunch of devices sending traffic to one  syslog server port (both udp + tcp) with the senders typically not knowing what protocol they are sending. 
We are running syslog-ng 3.13 with this setup: 
source s_syslog { udp(ip( port(514)) ;                              tcp(ip(  port(514)); }

 If needed we could upgrade syslog-ng to 3.19.1 but having checked the doc for 3.19, it seems that the solution would be to create 2 source entries, 1 for RFC3164 with network() and 1 for RFC5124 with  syslog().  Neverthless, these 2 sources would have to listen on *different* ports and that is the problem for us.
Note that we also have an identical issue with cisco traffic, since it's not RFC compliant, syslog-ng adds automatically a header with  timestamp and hostname. 

Thank you. 

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