[syslog-ng] IP WHITE LIST

Laszlo Szemere (lszemere) Laszlo.Szemere at oneidentity.com
Wed Aug 21 07:36:39 UTC 2019

 unfortunately it is not clear for me what do you want to achieve here. Please try to describe your use case in details. (There are good examples from the past on this list, where we could solve someones problem in a much simpler way, by knowing the overall goal, instead just answering the original question.)

 You might want to share:
- OS and Syslog-ng version you are working with.
- Configuration snippets (if you already have some working deployment)
- (Since this is a network related question) Your network topology* - especially firewalls in place
- Encryption required?
- Reliability of the system/messages

*You mentioned white listing. On what level do you want to filter out unwanted messages? (application or network)

Thank you in advance,
László Szemere

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Hello Guys,

Nowadays, im finding whitelist method for IP.
Is it possible ?
How can i allow IP which is in whitelist ?

So Many Thanks,
My Best Regards.

R&D Engineer in Embedded Systems
Master Student at Gebze Institute Of Technology
Department Of Electronic Engineering
GSM : 0(545) 764 7653
e-mail: onurgursoygyte at gmail.com<mailto:onurgursoygyte at gmail.com>

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