[syslog-ng] Global flush-lines option VS elasticsearch2 destination flush-limit param?

Nagy, Gábor gabor.nagy at oneidentity.com
Sun Nov 11 13:47:09 UTC 2018


Sorry for the late response.
Flush-limit() is elasticsearch() driver-specific option and AFAIK it cannot
be replaced using flush-lines() option in global-option,
and flush-lines() cannot be used as an option to elasticsearch().

However flush-lines() global option changes some underlying behaviour of
syslog-ng which can affect elasticssearch() driver as well since 3.18.1
If flush-lines option value is smaller (by default 100) than flush-limit(),
syslog-ng will flush messages once flush-lines number of messages are

Recently, we were just working on some reworking of flush-lines() in
general and regarding some drivers, e.g. http() and I think elasticsearch()
drivers are affected as well.
flush-lines() option in global options no longer affect elasticsearch()
drivers behaviour starting with upcoming 3.19.1 release.

In older releases (< 3.18.1) flush-lines() option had no effect on
elasticsearch() driver.


On Fri, Sep 28, 2018 at 9:29 AM Jose Angel Santiago <jasantiago at stratio.com>

> Hi,
> It seems both parameters are made for the same purpose, but I guess they
> don't.
> ¿Could you explain to me what is the difference between these two
> parameters?
> Thanks in advance.
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