[syslog-ng] Verifying local logs and remote logs are being sent to destination graylog

PÁSZTOR György pasztor at linux.gyakg.u-szeged.hu
Tue Nov 6 19:04:59 UTC 2018


"Rodney Bizzell" <hardworker30 at gmail.com> írta 2018-11-05 15:10-kor:
> I want to make sure that my local logs on my syslog box are being sent to

Regarding the verification part:
I usually do this:
. send a uniq log message, what I can confirm later if arrived. eg. with
this command: logger uniqmessage-1234
. Well, it's graylog, it has it's own search interface. You can search for
the "uniqmessage-1234" there, or either directly via the elasticsearch
behind graylog.


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