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Amin, Jitesh CTR DISA JSP (US) jitesh.amin.ctr at mail.mil
Wed May 30 13:29:37 UTC 2018

So we have to plan an upgrade first.

Let me ask this, with the following config =  destination syslog { file("/var/log/syslog-${YEAR}-${MONTH}-${DAY}.log"); };

It created new file and started writing to it (versus creating new syslog.log). Question, if we plan to accept this for now, with above config, would it create a new file ever day with following file names or no it would not work with v1.6.8


Jitesh Amin


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>>>>> "Amin" == Amin, Jitesh CTR DISA JSP (US) <jitesh.amin.ctr at mail.mil> writes:

    Amin> Verion 1.6.8

That... is an old version, about 13 years old, and it does not support the templating later versions do. I would strongly recommend upgrading to something more recent (we are at 3.15.1 at the moment).

If you can't, you can still use logrotate to rotate the logs, though if you are using such and old syslog-ng, the version of your logrotate might be similarly ancient.


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