[syslog-ng] (U) Rotate syslog-ng log files

Amin, Jitesh CTR DISA JSP (US) jitesh.amin.ctr at mail.mil
Wed May 30 11:02:50 UTC 2018

Currently we have syslog writing a single file (syslog.log) that just grows exponentially?

What we are trying to do is rotate the syslog.log file once it reaches 500 MB (as well as looking into rotating file every 24 hours)? Once the log file rotates, it creates a new file named syslog.log.0 and so on..

Can someone please tell me how do I go about doing so and what specific configuration I need to have it in place in syslog-ng.conf file to achieve this?

Jitesh Amin


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