[syslog-ng] Forwarding flat files to a remote syslog-ng server

Song, Young young.song at sap.com
Tue May 22 14:30:41 UTC 2018

Hi Balázs,

In fact, I’m trying to forward the following 3 different types of logs:

  1.  Audit logs (from auditd on Solaris 10 using the “audit” facility) --> syslog-ng server cannot recognize “audit” facility, though, and thus not working

  1.  OS logs (from syslog facilities) --> Using various facilities and levels

  1.  Oracle logs (flat file) --> Using the “local1” facility, as in my first email, but not working

How to separate them so that each logs get stored in different locations is my challenge.


-  Young

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Couple of notes:

* When reading messages from a file, you are using flags(no-parse) which means that you will not have facility information. I dont see that you need the filter at all, as you are using dedicated destinations. I think that filter can be removed.
* you dont need separate destinations to each file, just use one destination and connect both sources to it
* If you run syslog-ng in foreground and enable debug mode it emits information about messages entering and leaving
* 3.6 is ancient, not to mention 2.0.9, you should probably upgrade

On May 22, 2018 04:08, "Song, Young" <young.song at sap.com<mailto:young.song at sap.com>> wrote:


I’m trying to send various flat files to a central syslog-ng server.

So, I have the following setups but somehow using the “local1” and “local2” facilities don’t work, although no errors when restarting syslog services on both client & server.

Any advice would be appreciated much!


My syslog-ng CLIENT (running syslog-ng 3.6.2):

source s_file1 { file("/var/log/syslog/file1.log" follow-freq(1) flags(no-parse) program_override("audit")); };
filter f_file1 { facility(local1); };
destination d_file1 { syslog("" transport("udp") port(514)); };
log { source(s_file1); filter(f_file1); destination(d_file1); };

source s_file2 { file("/var/log/syslog/file2.log" follow-freq(1) flags(no-parse) program_override("audit")); };
filter f_file2 { facility(local2); };
destination d_file2 { syslog("" transport("udp") port(514)); };
log { source(s_file2); filter(f_file2); destination(d_file2); };


My syslog-ng SERVER ( – running syslog-ng 2.0.9):

destination d_file1 { file ("/var/log/syslogs/file1-$YEAR$MONTH$DAY.log" owner(root) group(root) perm(0644) dir_perm(0755) create_dirs(yes)); };
filter f_file1 { facility(local1); };
log { source(remote); filter(f_file1); destination(d_file1); };

destination d_file2 { file ("/var/log/syslogs/file2-$YEAR$MONTH$DAY.log" owner(root) group(root) perm(0644) dir_perm(0755) create_dirs(yes)); };
filter f_file2 { facility(local2); };
log { source(remote); filter(f_file2); destination(d_file2); };


-  Young

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