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Hi ,
I am beginner in linux and first time i am going to installation and
configure syslog-ng .So, I hope ,will get more help from your side because
i am being confuse while reading documentation.first of all i want to
mention my requirements.

OS:- centos 6.9

My Requirements:-

1. we have 20 apache webserver ,we are writing apache custom logs or php
applications logs in a particular directory ,But directory location is
different different for both apache log and php application logs. For
example we are writing log in "/usr/local/apache/logs " and apache log
format or php application log format are mentioned below .

*apche custom logs Fromta:-  *  abc_access_2018-05-09.log
,abc_error_2018-05-09.log and xyz_access_2018-05-09.log etc..

*Php application log format:- *  hello_vidoes_20180509.txt ,

2. I want to store these logs of 20 web servers on a centralised server at
real time and we  do not want to change logs file and format . Is this

3. I want to make 20 web server as client server and centralised server (as
host server).

Here ,I can not understand from documentation ,So Can  you provide the
configuration for both side client and host side ?

Client ip:-
server IP(centralised):-

*Thanks & Regards :-*


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*(E) :- vinod.samant.123 at gmail.com <vinod.samant.123 at gmail.com>*
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