[syslog-ng] Difference in version

Gergely Nagy algernon at balabit.com
Mon May 7 13:19:12 UTC 2018


>>>>> "vinod" == vinod samant <vinod.samant.123 at gmail.com> writes:

    vinod> Hi ,
    vinod> I am new in syslog-ng ,while installing syslog-ng ,i am facing lots
    vinod> dependency problem ,Can you share with  me a document for installation
    vinod> syslog-ng on client side and host side.

Are you installing from source, or from a binary package? If the latter,
I'd suggest taking a look at our 3rd party binaries page:

Although, I'm not sure if there are any for CentOS6... The latest I can
find is syslog-ng 3.13:

This suggests that you may need to compile from source if you want to
have the latest version. If you need help with that, we can certainly
help, but will need some more details, such as the exact problems you
are running into.

Anyway, installing it on the client and server side should be the same.
The difference would be in configuration.

    vinod> 1. I want to store logs of all clients in one server that will be my
    vinod> syslog-ng server (central server).
    vinod> 2. client servers are apache webservers ,applications servers ,where logs
    vinod> are writing , these are custom directory.
    vinod> 3. I have lot of custom logs on apache webserver and application severs.
    vinod> 4. I want to store these logs for long time on central server about 2 year.

    vinod> Query:-
    vinod> 1.Can we send  these logs on syslog-ng real time?

By all intents and purposes, yes. A few things (such as network) may
introduce slight delays, but otherwise yes.

    vinod> 2. Will log format be same as on client ?

That depends entirely on how you configure your clients and the central
server. It is possible to send logs over as-is, without any parsing at
all, and make them appear the same on the server too.


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