[syslog-ng] RE syslog-ng OSE parsing

Daniel Ehrlich Daniel.Ehrlich at usq.edu.au
Fri Jun 15 04:37:15 UTC 2018



Hoping you can assist me, I haven't really come across anything that makes
full sense to me in my searching of various sites/forums.


This is an example log.

Jun 14 11:57:27 PM.685 UTC :  %UC_LOGIN-4-AuthenticationFailed: %[Login
Date/Time=06/15/2018 at 09:57:27][Login IP
Address/Hostname=][Login Interface=cucm-uds][Login
UserID=POBAR][App ID=Cisco Tomcat][Cluster ID=][Node ID=cucmsub-prd-t2]:
Login Authentication failed.


Syslog-ng reads the $HOST as PM.685 ; can I get it to rewrite host as
cucmsub-prd-t2 ? i.e. Node ID=


Thanks you


Kind Regards,


Daniel Ehrlich

MastInfoSysSec, DipBA, SSCP, F5-CA, Splunk CA

ICT Security Officer
ICT Client Services|Infrastructure Services
Phone: +61 7 4687 5600 Email:  <mailto:Daniel.Ehrlich at usq.edu.au>
Daniel.Ehrlich at usq.edu.au

Toowoomba | Queensland | 4350 | Australia


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