[syslog-ng] problem elasticsearch2 creating index per HOST

Abe Lebo abelebo at zonnet.nl
Thu Feb 8 11:01:05 UTC 2018

ah! that must be it!

I was not aware that upper case characters are not allowed in 
elasticsearch index names!

$HOST = B8-27-AB-23-11-26

Thanks a million Fabien.

Op 8-2-2018 om 10:00 schreef Fabien Wernli:
> On Thu, Feb 08, 2018 at 09:42:38AM +0100, Abe Lebo wrote:
>> i have templates, but not one specific for this index patern.
>> i see no errors in the logs, i only see the indices being created if i do
>> not add the $HOST, but only $YEAR.$MONTH.$DAY
>> i'll see if i can set syslog-ng logging to debug
> yes, definitely try that: syslog-ng -Fdv
> One other thing, what does your $HOST resolve to? There are some
> restrictions in ES index names, perhaps your macro contains upper case or
> other illegal chars?

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