[syslog-ng] Hosts before DNS

Oleg olegr06 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 18:24:07 UTC 2018

I am using the latest version of ose ng, and have an issue I am trying to
resolve.  We have hosts that resolve to multiple names via round robin
dns.  So ng is capturing logs from all of those, depending on how it was
resolved during during the connection.  For those types of hosts, I would
like to configure ng to use hosts first, and fall back to dns resolution.
 Tried different combinations of configs, but it does not work this way.
It either uses the hosts, or it does dns lookup.  Thanks in advance for any
tips on resolving this.

Example: resolve to www, app1, ftp
I want to call it webserver in /etc/hosts, and if the entry matches, ng
would just use that name.
right now it creates 3 separate log files for the same host based on the
name it's able to resolve at lookup.
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