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Dear syslog-ng users,

This is the 62nd issue of syslog-ng Insider, a monthly newsletter that
brings you syslog-ng-related news.


Hadoop destination


Petabytes of data are now collected into huge data lakes around the
world. Hadoop is the technology enabling this. While syslog-ng was
able write logs to Hadoop using some workarounds (mounting HDFS
through FUSE) for quite some time, the Java-based HDFS destination
driver in syslog-ng provides both better performance and more
reliability. Learn about HDFS support in syslog-ng and about features
introduced in recent versions:


Web interfaces for syslog-ng


This is the 2017 edition of syslog-ng web-based Graphical User
Interfaces (web GUIs) blog. Many things have changed in the past few
years. In 2011 only a single Logging as a service (LaaS) solution was
available, now we regularly run into yet another one. Also, the number
of logging-related GUIs is growing, so we will mostly focus on
syslog-ng based solutions.


Upgrading from syslog-ng OSE to PE


The syslog-ng application has two different editions. Most of my
readers use syslog-ng Open Source Edition (OSE). There is also a
commercial version of syslog-ng, called syslog-ng Premium Edition
(PE). It comes with a few extra features, as well as commercial
support. Upgrading from OSE to PE or the other way around is not
automated and not even always possible. This is due to feature set
differences, OSE and PE share a common core but have a different
focus. Learn about some of the limitations and some tips about



Virtualization day in Budapest, November 7th: https://vday.hu/2017/


syslog-ng OSE 3.12.1:

syslog-ng PE 7.0.5:

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