[syslog-ng] $FULLHOST doesn't work

PÁSZTOR György pasztor at linux.gyakg.u-szeged.hu
Mon Oct 16 15:44:30 UTC 2017


"Thomas Haupt" <t.haupt at ff-muenchen.de> írta 2017-10-16 11:23-kor:
> options { keep_hostname(yes); use-dns(no); };
> source      s_system { udp(ip("") port(514));                };
This setting indicates traditional rfc 3164 syslog format.

> [2017-10-16T10:32:15.188058] Incoming log entry; line='<14>1 
> 2017-10-16T10:32:15.151157+02:00 my-hostname lampelogtest 54321 111111 - 
> Test syslog message'

This debug message indicates the rfc 5424 syslog format.

Have you tried to align the format and your config?


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