[syslog-ng] PatternDB with CiscoSNMP Module

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Tue May 2 00:17:47 UTC 2017

Thanks for reading,

I'm in the process of creating a log to trap for Cisco devices. I have it working for facilities like this: TRINITY-2-TRINITY_SYSLOG_CRIT with this pattern:

@ESTRING::%@@ESTRING:.cisco.Facility:-@@ESTRING:.cisco.Severity:-@@ESTRING:.cisco.MsgName::@ @ANYSTRING:.cisco.MsgText@

Now there are other facilities with an additional hyphen before the severity: EARL-DFC1-1-EXCESSIVE_PARITY_ERROR:

Apr 26 14:04:45 hostname 565049: Apr 26 18:04:43.476 UTC: %EARL-DFC1-1-EXCESSIVE_PARITY_ERROR: EARL 0: Parity error detected in VRAM'

which parses into:

Testing message: program='EARL-DFC1-1-EXCESSIVE_PARITY_ERROR' message='Apr 26 14:04:45 hostname 565049: Apr 26 18:04:43.476 UTC: %EARL-DFC1-1-EXCESSIVE_PARITY_ERROR: EARL 0: Parity error detected in VRAM'
Match name='.classifier.rule_id', value='09944c71-95eb-4bc0-8575-936931d85715', expected='09944c71-95eb-4bc0-8575-936931d85715'
Wrong match name='.cisco.Facility', value='EARL', expected='EARL-DFC1'
Wrong match name='.cisco.Severity', value='DFC1', expected='1'
Wrong match name='.cisco.MsgName', value='1-EXCESSIVE_PARITY_ERROR', expected='EXCESSIVE_PARITY_ERROR'
Match name='.cisco.MsgText', value='EARL 0: Parity error detected in VRAM', expected='EARL 0: Parity error detected in VRAM'

I've tried a pattern that would parse EARL and DFC1 into separate variables, then append them into .cisco.Facility - which didn't work. Still that leaves the pattern hardcoded to just two hypens. I've also tried hard coding EARL-DFC1 into the pattern, then use value to set .cisco.Facility correctly. This approach works but being hardcoded, another Facility with embedded hyphens will fail. Ideally I'd like to have a pattern that matches on the last hyphen before the severity and capture that. I could parse using a regexp and setting $1, $2, $3, and $4 to the appropriate variables but I'm concerned about performance issues - I'm thinking this is a last resort solution.

Any thoughts on how to proceed?


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