[syslog-ng] host related macros

Várady, László laszlo.varady at balabit.com
Tue Aug 22 21:07:11 UTC 2017


I have a hard time understanding the behaviour of the multiple host based
> macros with respect to the value of the use-fqdn(), and keep-hostname()
> params.

This is a confusing part of our documentation that I tried to clarify a few
months ago. Unfortunately, it is still not the best.

> First of all, when setting use-fqdn(yes), isn't the network destination
> supposed to send the fqdn? In our case, tcpdump shows that the short
> hostname is sent instead.

use-fqdn(), use-dns(), normalize-hostnames() and dns-cache() are actually
source options but they can be used in the global "options" block as well.
They do NOT really have effect if the keep-hostname option is set to "yes".

If you set use-fqdn to "yes" for a source (or globally), you might want to
set keep-hostname() to "no" in order to overwrite the original hostname
that was parsed from the message.
The original hostname may not be an FQDN, but syslog-ng can not touch it
when keep-hostname() is enabled.

As an alternative (if you also want to keep the original hostname), you can
write a custom template for the destination where ${HOST_FROM} is used
instead of ${HOST}.

Additionally, what does the following paragraph from the documentation mean?
>     The hostname-related macros (${FULLHOST}, ${FULLHOST_FROM}, ${HOST},
> and
>     ${HOST_FROM}) do not have any effect if the keep-hostname() option is
>     disabled
> Does that mean they are empty if keep-hostname(no) ?

This sentence from the documentation is completely incorrect.

Let me summarize the real behavior:
FULLHOST is just an alias for HOST.
FULLHOST_FROM is an alias for HOST_FROM.

HOST_FROM always contains the hostname resolved by the current syslog-ng
instance (using the values of use-fqdn(), use-dns(), normalize-hostnames()
and dns-cache()).
HOST contains the original (parsed) hostname of the message if
keep-hostname() is enabled. Otherwise, it contains the value of HOST_FROM
(or chained hostnames if chain-hostnames() is set).

László Várady
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