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Thank you, that worked!

Vadim Anatoly Pushkin
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Your dmz syslog relay is using the "new" rfc5424 format whereas your internal one tries to parse it as rfc3164.

You should probably use the tcp() driver and not syslog().

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I am running syslog-NG on a server inside of a DMZ, and on that server I'd like to just forward all messages into my internal syslog-NG server. I feel this is better than having to create a new firewall rule for each new DMZ node.

I have a simple syslog-NG config that looks like this:

---------START syslog-ng.conf-----------

@include "scl.conf"
@include "/etc/syslog-ng/conf.d/*.conf"

 options {
    chain_hostnames (off);
    flush_lines (0);
    time_reopen (10);
    log_fifo_size (1000);
    use_dns (yes);
    use_fqdn (no);
    create_dirs (no);
source s_relay {
         udp(ip( port(514) so_rcvbuf(425984));
         tcp(ip( port(514) max-connections(250) so_rcvbuf(425984) log_iw_size(25000) so_keepalive(yes) log_fetch_limit(100));
         syslog(ip( transport("tcp") port(1514) max-connections(500) log_iw_size(25000) flags("threaded") log_fetch_limit(100));

destination d_syslog_tcp { syslog("" transport("tcp") port(514)); };

log { source(s_relay); destination(d_syslog_tcp); };

----------END syslog-NG.conf-------------

The problem that I am experiencing is that my messages, once received by my internal syslog-NG server, look like the following:

Apr 26 17:31:06 relay-sng-server 126 <30>1 2017-04-26T17:32:01-04:00 relay-client-host-X appserv - - - 606881792 140565409392384  INFO: @2 SessionExchange::ProcessTCPRead
Apr 26 17:31:06 relay-sng-server 124 <30>1 2017-04-26T17:32:01-04:00 relay-client-host-X appserv - - - 606881792 140565409392384 DEBUG: OpenSSLHandler::PerformHandshake

I am hoping not to muck around too much with my config for my internal syslog-NG servers, and want for the messages above to appear as coming from relay-client-host-X and NOT relay-sng-server.

It could potentially be nice to know that the message was first received by relay-sng-server, but...

I was considering opening another TCP port on my internal syslog servers, and using that to send from DMZ, then a rewrite, but that all seems far more complicated than necessary.  Am I missing something on my syslog-NG conf?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Thanks all in advance,


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