[syslog-ng] Spock, Is my logic sound ?

Scot scotrn at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 15:22:40 CET 2016

I'm still getting stuff on nmsloghost that I think should be filtered out.

Do my comments match the conf file ?

*# Source UDP/TCP syslog port 514.  *
source s_net {
        udp(ip( port(514) so_rcvbuf(262142));
        tcp(ip( port(514) max-connections(250) so_rcvbuf(262142)
log_iw_size(25000) );

*# Remove messages from 2 network segments *
filter      f_network  {not netmask("") and not netmask("") ; };

*# Remove messages matching EITHER expression*
filter      f_audit   { not match("Audit" value("MESSAGE")) and
                             not match("Detailed Tracking"
value("MESSAGE")); };

*# Remove messages matching "The scan found detections"  expression*
filter      f_mcafee  { not match("The scan found detections."
value("MESSAGE")); };

*# Destination rule suppress any duplicates in a 10 second window.
d_remote  {udp ("nmsloghost" suppress(10)); };

*# Log from s_net and filter out all matches from f_*  log udp to
nmsloghost. *
*# There is no function to "filter( not f_network);" *
log { source(s_net);
          filter(f_network); filter(f_audit); filter(f_mcafee); destination
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