[syslog-ng] Flag "no-multiline" not working on Syslog-ng

PÁSZTOR György pasztor at linux.gyakg.u-szeged.hu
Fri May 8 10:37:12 CEST 2015


"Sandor Geller" <sandor.geller at ericsson.com> írta 2015-05-08 09:32-kor:
> Wow, it was really 'low resolution'. Zooming in showed that there isn't 
> any kind of UDP packet fragmentation happening (not surprising, the 

That's what, why I asked a pcap file.
It would required smaller attached file, and would gave us more info.
I found a new theory, based on: 1 pic ~= 1 Mword
1 pcap ~= 1000 pic!

> kernel would reassembele fragments transparently to syslog-ng) but the 
> sender device actually splits the logs into multiple packets so 
> syslog-ng does exactly what it should do. Yet another broken syslog 
> implementation on Cisco's side :(

As basically all of their syslog implementation.

> I'm not aware of how such logs could get concatenated without writing an 
> app which postprocesses the logs.

That's another thing, I asked a pcap file. I gave up.
Maybe there is a chance to do that with some patterndb magic, where we can
"process" and "correlate", etc.

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