[syslog-ng] [filter] unable to squelch annoying spam

Robin Blanchard rblanchard at nephilaadvisors.com
Sat Mar 28 01:18:38 CET 2015

Hi List,

I've got some Solaris machines emitting some particularly annoying spam that I cannot seem to squelch. I've tried filtering on just about every MACRO that I can think might catch it, all to no avail.

Here's the snippet from running syslog-ng in debug/foreground:

# syslog-ng -Fdve 2>&1 |grep alloc_extra_sgl_frame
Incoming log entry; line='<4>Mar 27 19:00:55    alloc_extra_sgl_frame failed'

And here's the relevant filter bit (the other strings are doing their job).

filter solaris_alloc {
   not (
       match('alloc_extra_sgl_frame' value("MESSAGE")) or
       match('alloc_extra_sgl_frame' value("MSGHDR")) or
       match('alloc_extra_sgl_frame' value("FACILITY")) or
       match('alloc_extra_sgl_frame' value("PRIORITY")) or
       match('alloc_extra_sgl_frame' value("MSGID")) or
       match('ext-arq alloc fail.' value("MESSAGE")) or
       match('ext-arq alloc fail.' value("MSGHDR")) or
       match('/pci at 0,0/pci8086,3c06 at 2,2/pci1000,3080 at 0' value("MESSAGE")) or
       match('/pci at 0,0/pci8086,3c06 at 2,2/pci1000,3080 at 0' value("MSGHDR"))

# syslog-ng --version
syslog-ng 3.5.6
Installer-Version: 3.5.6
Compile-Date: Aug 13 2014 13:54:36
Available-Modules: affile,afprog,afsocket-notls,afsocket-tls,afsocket,afstomp,afuser,basicfuncs,confgen,cryptofuncs,csvparser,dbparser,linux-kmsg-format,syslogformat,system-source
Enable-Debug: off
Enable-GProf: off
Enable-Memtrace: off
Enable-IPv6: on
Enable-Spoof-Source: on
Enable-TCP-Wrapper: on
Enable-Linux-Caps: on
Enable-Pcre: on

What else should I try?

Robin P. Blanchard
Nephila Advisors
Infrastructure Administrator
+1 615.823.8516 ext 4516

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