[syslog-ng] GSoC proposal: Python connector (maxvt)

Scheidler, Balázs balazs.scheidler at balabit.com
Fri Mar 27 06:26:59 CET 2015

On Mar 27, 2015 4:19 AM, "Max Timchenko" <maxvt at bu.edu> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I’ve posted a proposal for the Python connector at:
> Any comments are welcome. There are a few questions at the bottom;
repeating them here for convenience:
> 1. Python 3, Python 2, or both? Supporting only 3 allows using nifty
idioms and language features, but there are still users who prefer to speak
2. Constrained platforms may not have enough resources to run both.

I would love to see both being supported buz not at the same time. It
should be a compile time option

> 2. Are there any priorities among the different components in the
project? A total of 5 components are specified.

The code already supports destinations, and in a limited way template

I think sources are the most difficult, the others are relatively

> 3. Viability of one-component-at-a-time approach — whether you would
prefer to see each part as it is done to completion, or proceed in parallel
for all components (eg., wrapper APIs for all, then Python APIs for all,
then completed documentation and examples for all).

I think this is up to you, I am not the official mentor though :)

> Yours,
>> Max
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