[syslog-ng] Parsing more than MSG macro

Thomas Straubinger thomas.straubinger at nic.at
Tue Mar 10 16:40:25 CET 2015


is there a way to process more than the $MSG macro with a syslog-ng parse filter?
We are forwarding our syslogs via rsyslog in this format (client config):

$template tmpl_forward,"%hostname% %syslogtag% \"%msg%\"\n"
*.* @@syslog:514;tmpl_forward

I have created the following parser rule in syslog-ng:

parser p_INTERNAL {
    delimiters(" ")

I want to create the logfile in this format:

destination d_intern2 {

Unfortunately, syslog-ng does not fill up the $MSG macro with the hole content provided by the client via "%hostname% %syslogtag% \"%msg%\"\n". So it's not possible to fill (parse) the desired 'INTERNAL.LOGGING_HOST' variable. How could i achieve, to, get the content of %hostname% (sent by rsyslog) into the 'INTERNAL.LOGGING_HOST' variable of syslog-ng?

Thank you!

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