[syslog-ng] Use receiving file name / path as a macro on the server

Sandor Geller sandor.geller at ericsson.com
Tue Mar 3 09:05:39 CET 2015


On 03/03/2015 05:15 AM, Thanuje Ashwin Nallaperuma wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have multiple files with the same content on the syslog-ng client
> These files are stored on different locations with the same file name
> and same content
> After receiving I want to store these files with different names on
> sysog-ng server
> Is there any way I could use the filepath or filename of the receiving
> file as a macro
> or any way to achieve this..?

I'm having some trouble understading what you're after. Do you want to 
simply transfer files from remote systems to a central place and keep a 
similar filesystem hierarchy on the central location as well? For such a 
purpose syslog isn't the preferred way as it isn't a generic purpose 
transport so use something else like rsync.

There are ways to manipulate messages on the originating side (for 
example by adding tags to the syslog-ng source definitions) and 
encapsulating the extra information into the message payload you'll be 
able to extract the information on the remote side - but I'm not sure it 
worths the effort.



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