[syslog-ng] Setting log destination using the MAC address

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Sun Feb 15 19:55:45 CET 2015


    I am using syslog-ng to log both the local server and remote clients.
Right now I log the clients like so and it works the way it should:


destination d_remotehosts {

    file( "/var/log/HOSTS/$YEAR/$MONTH/$DAY/$HOST/$FACILITY.log" perm( 0644
) create_dirs( yes ) dir_perm( 0755 ) );



However, it is not as helpful when multiple remote clients get recognized as
$HOST = 192.168.x.x. Since most remote clients are IP phones, logging using
the MAC address instead of the IP address would be much more valuable, but I
don't see in the manual where that's possible. Is it possible to log using
the MAC address? Any insight at all would be greatly appreciated.



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