[syslog-ng] Send Apache log to a separate loghost

Jakub Jankowski shasta at toxcorp.com
Wed Feb 11 23:58:58 CET 2015

On 11.02.2015 23:33, Manning, Lee wrote:
> In version 1.6.11 of syslog-ng, I need to send Apache logs to a
> different loghost than the rest of the system logs.  Is that possible?
> If so, how?
> Our syslog-ng was set up quite some time ago by an admin who is no
> longer around.  I’ve spent more time than I can afford trying to
> decipher and attempt to modify his syslog-ng.conf.  Assistance from some
> experts would be greatly appreciated.

Am I reading it right? 1.6.11? That's... ancient (2006?). This may be 
not the suggestion you're looking for, but I think you should start with 
upgrading (although if you're running syslog-ng 1.6.11, chances are the 
system you're running it on is even older).
It might take you less time (in the long run) to configure your new 
syslog-ng server from scratch, using up-to-date software components, 
than trying to get it done in your current setup - also considering 
possible bugs that might have been fixed since 1.6.xx.
My argument is that most of the online resources you can get help from 
(like, this mailing list, or blog posts, etc) may be more relevant to 
some decent versions of syslog-ng.

But if you have to use 1.6.11, start by reading

Idea should be the similar - depending on how you get your apache logs, 
either separate sources and separate destinations (udp() or tcp(), I 
assume), or single source, and then appropriate filter to pick only 
apache logs and send them to your specific destination.


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