[syslog-ng] Syslog-NG.conf to Fork to Two Log Aggregators

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Tue Sep 30 20:34:53 CEST 2014


I have syslog clients that I would like to configure to send log-data to a middle-man/intermediary syslog-NG server.  Once received on the intermediary, I want to immediately fork that data onto a different log-server, not syslog-NG; satisfying a requirement to feed two systems.

The reason for the fork is because the non-syslog-NG-server is running a proprietary logging system, and it must, at least for now, be capable of seeing *most* of my logs.  It, the non-syslog-NG-server, is incapable of retransmitting to my syslog-NG server, nor would I trust it to do so.

My questions to the list are, 
1.   Has anyone successfully done something similar?
2.   Any recommendations/gotchas I should be aware of?
3.   Can I also configure syslog-NG to also resend Splunk data?  Or do I have to run a Splunk Univ Forwarder configured similarly to my intermediary syslog-NG server to achieve that?   (Yes, I know, OT question, sorry...)

Thank you in advance,


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