[syslog-ng] Individual Logs Files to each Forward to Different server/port?

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I had thought about that, but how do I differentiate the individual logs on the receiving end?
Doing so would certainly remove the need for me to listen on two ports, and split output to two ports.

Thank you,


   Vadim Anatoly Pushkin
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Quick thought.  Look at filters on the receiving end.  Might be easier.Jim

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Subject: [syslog-ng] Individual Logs Files to each Forward to Different	server/port? 


Is is possible to configure a syslog-ng client to forward logs to a syslog-ng server based on file?

I am thinking of the following as an example:

destination named-LOGS {

udp(ip( port(555));


source named {

file("/var/log/named/bind.log" log_prefix("BIND-LOGS"));


log {




destination dhcpd-LOGS {

udp(ip( port(556));


source dhcpd {

file("/var/log/dhcpd/dhcp.log" log_prefix("DHCPD-LOGS"));


log {




In this example, I am sending each to the same destination IP address, although that is configurable, but each log file to a different port, and with a different log_prefix as well.

Does this OK,or is their a simpler way?

Many thanks,


    Vadim Anatoly Pushkin

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