[syslog-ng] Internal error, duplicate configuration elements...

David Hauck davidh at netacquire.com
Wed Jun 4 19:03:17 CEST 2014


I've been playing around with configuring UDP destinations. My syntax checks ('syslog-ng -s') and high-level operation appear to be sound. However, I've noticed the following "internal error" that's issued whenever I start the service:

20140604 09:54:47.780 err syslog(syslog-ng):Internal error, duplicate configuration elements refer to the same persistent config; name='afsocket_dd_connection(dgram,'

The UDP configuration references from 'syslog-ng.conf' are as follows:

destination d_NAaudit_Prio { file("/var/log/netacquire/audit_log" template(t_NAFormat_Prio)); udp("" port(514) template(t_NAFormat_Prio)); };
destination d_NAmessage_Prio { udp("" port(514) template(t_NAFormat_Prio)); };

Does anyone know what this message is referring too? Things seem to work fine (e.g., log statements with these destinations do, ultimately, send the filtered messages to the target system), so I'm wondering if I need to be concerned at all.


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