[syslog-ng] insider 2014-12: incubator 0.4.1 released; anonymization; monitoring;

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syslog-ng incubator 0.4.1 released


We are proud to announce that version 0.4.1 of syslog-ng incubator is
released. It is compatible with syslog-ng version 3.6. Some features
previously included in the incubator such as Riemann and Graphite
support have been ported to syslog-ng. It also adds many interesting
new features: kafka and java destination support, ZMQ source and
destination and a grok parser.

Ports and packages are available for Fedora, FreeBSD and openSUSE, but
with some of the features missing, as dependencies are not yet
available packaged.

For details, read

Data Privacy, Anonymization and Log Data


Data privacy is becoming a hot topic, especially in the European
Union. New features in syslog-ng can be used to become compliant with
regulations. Read about encrypting, anonymizing logs and
pseudonymization at

The trinity of monitoring: syslog-ng, Riemann and Elasticsearch


BalaBit organizes OpenAcademy in Budapest, Hungary, as a way of
continuous learning. Last time we had a guest, Fabien Wernli (on IRC
better known as faxmodem), who talked about how syslog-ng can be
integrated with Riemann and Elasticsearch. The video starts in
Hungarian, but the presentation is in English:



syslog-ng 3.6.2:

syslog-ng incubator 0.4.0 & 0.4.1:

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