[syslog-ng] Create a Log file for Each server.

Jason Long hack3rcon at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 6 07:17:28 CET 2014

Hello all.
How are you?
I have a windows sever with Syslog agent installed on it and it forward all logs to my Linux box. My Syslog-NG collected it very well but I want to Forward another Windows Events into my Syslog server but How can I modify my current config file for create another file for this new server? I use Logstash and Kibana on my Linux Box, Can it detect my new Log file automatically? 

# syslog-ng configuration file.
# This should behave pretty much like the original syslog on RedHat. But
# it could be configured a lot smarter.
# See syslog-ng(8) and syslog-ng.conf(5) for more information.

options {
flush_lines (0);
time_reopen (10);
log_fifo_size (1000);
long_hostnames (off);
use_dns (no);
use_fqdn (no);
create_dirs (no);
keep_hostname (yes);

source s_netsyslog {
udp(ip( port(514) flags(no-hostname));
tcp(ip( port(514) flags(no-hostname));

destination d_netsyslog { file("/var/log/network.log" owner("root") group("root") perm(0644)); };

log { source(s_netsyslog); destination(d_netsyslog); };

as you see it collect Syslog from any IP address.


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