[syslog-ng] syslog-ng 3.4.2 increased segmentation faults

Gergely Nagy algernon at balabit.hu
Tue Jun 4 13:17:43 CEST 2013

Evan Rempel <erempel at uvic.ca> writes:

> After building/installing version 3.4.2 I am seeing many more segmentation faults.
> I used to get 1-2 per week, and after the update the errors are occurring more than
> 1 every 30 minutes.

Would it be possible to get a backtrace of those segfaults?

> As a side note, I got an eventlog package of 0.2.13 from Balabit some time ago,
> and have never seen it available again. the current release of eventlog seems to be
> eventlog_0.2.12+20120504+1700.tar.gz
> but software with release versions that include dates alway make me
> nervous.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of our internal build & release system is
sadly lacking, and can't really see how I could bundle the correct
eventlog version with syslog-ng releases...

But 0.2.12 and anything newer should work just fine.

> Would the developers expect the eventlog versions to be so tightly coupled with
> the release version of syslog-ng that a mismatch would result in
> segmentation faults?

Nope, that is very unlikely.


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