[syslog-ng] XMPP destination for syslog-ng

Gergely Nagy algernon at balabit.hu
Tue Jul 23 16:43:56 CEST 2013


IKAC <ikac.ikax at gmail.com> writes:

> Thanks for help.
> This idea was proposed for gsoc2013, and I read that there
> was a student interested but I guess no one was accepted.

Indeed, there was a student interested, but other proposals were
accepted instead. The same student has been working towards an XMPP
destination however, outside of GSoC, albeit fairly slowly.

> Anyway, I'm interested in it and I'll try to find suitable library
> for XMPP protocol written for C language. Is it ok for using
> just any third party library?

While it would likely be possible to cooperate on the XMPP destiantion,
I believe it would not only be easier, but better for other reasons too,
to find something else interesting. I'm happy to share a whole lot of
ideas, if you're interested.

As for third party libraries: as long as their license is compatible
with the license syslog-ng uses (GPL-2+/LGPL-2+ mix), they should be

Apologies for the late answer, and for not making it clear that XMPP is
being worked on, I hope we can find something else interesting for you!


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