[syslog-ng] Help getting my rewrite to work

Dave Vernon DVernon at Loyalistc.on.ca
Fri Jul 19 19:14:15 CEST 2013


rewrite r_rewrite_4624_2 { subst("(interactive)", "QuackApple", value("MSGONLY") type("string") flags("substring"));};

works to replace the single word..  Now to build upon that!  (I had previously added the substring flag but had never used the 'string' type AND the substring flag at once

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Hi Dave,

> rewrite r_rewrite_4624_2 { subst("interactive", "QuackApple", 
> value("MSGONLY"));};

I'm using something similar, but am using the type and flags options:

rewrite r_use_basename {
        value(".SDATA.file at 18372.4.name")

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