[syslog-ng] SYSLOG-NG 3.4.1 on ARM target

Gergely Nagy algernon at balabit.hu
Thu Jan 31 14:11:52 CET 2013

"Deepak Gaur" <dgaur at cdotd.ernet.in> writes:

> Hi,
> Got following error while launching syslog-ng 3.4.1 on ARM target. Earlier version 3.4.0alpha3 working . Development
> environment is same. lib/message.c compilation seems to be missing in
> Makefile

That's interesting, lib/message.c is in lib/Makefile.am in the
libsyslog-ng.la sources, and my arm board at home is running 3.4.1 just
fine :( (though, it's natively compiled there, not cross-compiled).

Can you mail me a build log, by any chance?


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