[syslog-ng] [PATCH] logreader: When following a file, treat non-regular files specially

Balazs Scheidler bazsi at balabit.hu
Sat Oct 27 14:15:48 CEST 2012


I've merged this via 3.3, thanks.

On Fri, 2012-10-05 at 12:50 +0200, Gergely Nagy wrote:
> When following a file with follow-freq(), and it is not a regular
> file, but something for which stat(2) always returns 0 size (such as
> the /dev/klog character device on FreeBSD),
> log_reader_io_follow_file() never went into the process input branch,
> because the current position (0) was always at EOF (also 0).
> To break out of this unfortunate situation, if the file to read from
> is not a regular file, go into the process input loop anyway: at
> worst, it will do an expensive noop.
> Signed-off-by: Gergely Nagy <algernon at balabit.hu>


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