[syslog-ng] dbparser patches EMAIL, HOSTNAME LLADDR

Gergely Nagy algernon at balabit.hu
Thu Oct 18 16:43:18 CEST 2012

Evan Rempel <erempel at uvic.ca> writes:

> These set of patches are cumulative and require the dbparser SET patch.
> They have been build againstthe 3.3 release but should be fairly clean on the 3.4 branch

I ported these to 3.4 (was fairly clean indeed), applied a few coding
style changes, and made it so that MACADDR is an alias to LLADDR:16. All
tests pass (I wrote a few simple ones for LLADDR:20 and HOSTNAME).

The result is currently on my feature/3.4/dbparser-additions branch,
I'll merge it into merge-queue/3.4 and sandbox/3.4 once I've done some
code cleanups. There are a few things I believe could be done better
(eg, the MACADDR parser we have in 3.4 now is, I believe a tiny bit more
efficient than the LLADDR parser, so I want to fix that and make the
latter perform just aswell).

Thanks for the patches!


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