[syslog-ng] [Bug 185] New: Use upstream ivykis (>= 0.30) instead of a fork

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Fri Jun 29 11:04:32 CEST 2012


           Summary: Use upstream ivykis (>= 0.30) instead of a fork
           Product: syslog-ng
           Version: 3.3.x
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: ASSIGNED
          Severity: blocker
          Priority: unspecified
         Component: syslog-ng
        AssignedTo: algernon at balabit.hu
        ReportedBy: algernon at balabit.hu
Type of the Report: enhancement
   Estimated Hours: 0.0

With upstream ivykis 0.30 having everything the syslog-ng internal fork had, and more, it's time to drop the fork, and compile with upstream ivykis as-is. This
would mean that the embedded copy (which we will still ship) is replaced by ivykis 0.30, and syslog-ng will become compileable against upstream ivykis.

The bulk of the work is already done on my feature/3.3/ivykis-upstream branch, only a few issues remain (see below) before this can be merged to 3.3 master,
and this bug report is here to keep track of progress.

While trying to merge the branch, I conducted a series of tests, and it appears that somewhere along the way the file destination broke (and most likely
everything else that is based on logwriter), and it deadlocks. I do not yet know why, but this feature can't be merged until this problem is solved.

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