[syslog-ng] cipher_suite param support ?

Balla, Hithendra (EXT-Other - IN/Bangalore) hithendra.balla.ext at nsn.com
Tue Jun 19 18:37:26 CEST 2012


Thanks for your reply.
Can you confirm the following query also?

Is there any way to apply the patch under the below link to the syslog-ng version > 3.2.4 and < 3.3.0 ?

Do we have the supporting code to apply the patch under the above link to the version > 3.2.4 and < 3.3.0


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"Balla, Hithendra (EXT-Other - IN/Bangalore)"
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> Hi Robert,
> Thanks for the quick reply. Can you tell the sub-version under 3.3 i.e
> 3.3.5 ?

Every 3.3 version should have it, starting from 3.3.1, but it's very
strongly recommended to use 3.3.5.


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