[syslog-ng] Building a syslog server (syslog-ng) with GUI

Peter Gyongyosi gyp at balabit.hu
Thu Jun 14 13:58:48 CEST 2012


On 06/13/2012 06:30 AM, Yu Watanabe wrote:
> Hi all!
> I am planning to build a syslog server using syslog-ng,
> however, not using the configuration drivers of syslog-ng.
> Instead, I want to use a third party GUI that has a
> filtering function and would be better if can set
> actions for each fitlering. The reason for using
> other GUI is that because configuration file is getting
> bit complex.
> So, the story is make syslog-ng gather the logs and
> send it to database ( such as mysql ). The the thrid
> party GUI do the filtering.
> Cacti - camm plugin is one of my candidates.
> It would be helpful if people in this mailing list can
> give us some recommendation for the GUI.

Peter Czanik has written a good summary and comparison of such GUIs a 
couple of months ago which summary covers a lot of the suggestions 
others sent:


Also, a shameless plug: if you're interested in commercial offerings, 
drop me a mail off-list -- we here at BalaBit sell such a 
"syslog-ng-as-an-appliance-with-a-webGUI" product called syslog-ng Store 
Box, which can be just what you need.


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