[syslog-ng] Snare TAB characters converted to \011 are missing?

Clayton Dukes cdukes at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 17:47:44 CEST 2012

Hi All,
I have a user receiving messages from Snare but, for some reason, syslog-ng
doesn't appear to be converting the TAB characters properly.

Snare sends messages as:
checksum (optional)

I have verified using a sniffer on the syslog-ng server that the message
format is coming in correctly with the TABs, but somehow the messages are
leaving syslog-ng as:

...snip (full message clipped for brevity)
Tue Jun 05 11:09:27 2012592SecuritySYSTEMUserSuccess Audit

In the example above, it should be:
Tue Jun 05 11:09:27 2012\011592\011Security\011SYSTEM\011User\011Success

I've checked his syslog-ng.conf file and it is the normal one that comes
with  Ubuntu 12.4 LTS.
Any idea what might be causing this?


Clayton Dukes
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