[syslog-ng] tcp/udp driver not binding correctly

N. Max Pierson nmaxpierson at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 15:03:48 CEST 2012

Hi List,

I've searched the mailing lists for over a year back and couldn't find an
answer to my question. I'm working with an older version of syslog-ng and
most of the questions were about 3.x or newer, so here goes.

I've setup a LVS cluster which is working perfectly. The problem I am
having is when I have a logical interface ip (or no ip at all, interface is
eth0:1) when using the tcp/udp driver, it does not seem to bind correctly
and accept messages on the port specified. When using udp, I try a port
scan with nmap and it shows the port on the logical interface a "closed".
When I try tcp, it shows "filtered". The primary ip on interface eth0
accepts logs with no issues. Can syslog-ng bind to logical interfaces as
described above and receive logs on multiple addresses?? A netstat -a shows
*:syslog or when I outright specify the logical ip, it shows the logical
ip, but as stated above ... it's either closed or filtered. I've searched
all over, but it seems my google foo is not matching anything.

Specifics ..

RHEL v5.8
Syslog-ng v2.1.4

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