[syslog-ng] syslog_ng 3.3.4 make error on HPUX HPPA 11.11

Pal Tamas folti at balabit.hu
Fri Jun 1 11:51:49 CEST 2012

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 02:13:28PM +0530, Rakesh Rajasekharan wrote:
> Hello Pal,
> I was able to get the PHCO_33282 patch and applied it on my 11.11 machine.
> PHCO_37940 is fo rthe 11.23 HPUX versions hence can't install that.
> # swlist -a patch_state *,c=patch |grep PHCO_33282
> # PHCO_33282
>   PHCO_33282.C-MIN-32ALIB                       applied
>   PHCO_33282.C-MIN-64ALIB                       applied
>   PHCO_33282.CORE-64SLIB                        applied
>   PHCO_33282.CORE-SHLIBS                        applied
>   PHCO_33282.PAUX-ENG-A-MAN                     applied
> #
> But, even after applying this, I still get the same errors regarding pthread.
> I am curious to know if I should actually be compiling on this 11.11 machine at
> the first place.
> I mean, is the syslog-ng 3.3.4 compatible with the 11.11 version. The previous
> version that I was using on this machine is 3.0.7.
> Is there a place I can check the compatible OS's .

dug into the problem a bit more, syslog-ng OSE 3.3 (probably 3.4 too)
needs some porting work before it can be compiled under HP-UX. The
underlying problem is that syslog-ng has been re-written to be
multi-threaded, modular application in 3.2, from it's original single
threaded monolithic architecure. The rewrite added new dependencies
(ivykis) and other required features from the compilers
(Thread-local storage support), which made porting to older systems a
challenge, although the work has been already done, but not every piece
has been added to syslog-ng OSE from the PE branch and not publicly

What I managed to solve for now:
- need the following patches:
  PHCO_24402                    1.0            libc cumulative header file patch 
  PHCO_38279                    1.0            libc cumulative patch 
  PHKL_31918                    1.0            fsadm;ACL;locking order;8K mount;readdir 
  PHSS_30049                    1.0            ld(1) and linker tools cumulative patch

- download and install GCC for HPUX[1] and make sure it's location
  (/opt/hp-gcc/bin) is in PATH, prepeding every other gcc location you

- edit configure.in and remove all occurences of -Wl,-whole-archive and
  -Wl,-no-whole-archive and regenerate configure with autoconf 2.68. If you
  don't have autoconf 2.68, edit directly configure and remove the

- add the following to lib/compat.h:

- cd lib/ivykis and compile, build and install the bundled ivykis by hand.

- re-run your configure command with the following options added:
  --with-ivykis=system --disable-mongodb

Hopefully it compiles properly, but I too tired to check it now.
Good luck,

[1]: http://h21007.www2.hp.com/portal/site/dspp/menuitem.863c3e4cbcdc3f3515b49c108973a801/?ciid=2a08725cc2f02110725cc2f02110275d6e10RCRD
Pal Tamas/Folti
folti at balabit.hu

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