[syslog-ng] [Bug 187] Syslog-ng truncates SDATA PARAM VALUE to 256 chars

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--- Comment #1 from Gergely Nagy <algernon at balabit.hu>  2012-07-11 13:48:41 ---
This limitation is still present in both 3.3 and 3.4. I tried increasing the limit in 3.3, from 256 bytes to 4096, and changing the size of sd_param_value in
log_msg_parse_sd (modules/syslogformat/syslog-format.c) did the trick.

Nevertheless, the best would be to make the limit configurable at run-time, and allow for unlimited length too (but still default to 256). The hard part is
that this function gets called often, so littering it with dynamic memory allocation would have a serious impact on performance.

However, we could use scratch-buffers for the task, I believe. I'll try to find some time to explore this option. Nevertheless, this is a change I wouldn't
want to do in 3.3 at this point, but rather try to solve it for 3.4 instead.

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