[syslog-ng] feature request?: monitor open logs for deletion/rename

Patrick Hemmer syslogng at stormcloud9.net
Wed Jul 11 07:49:52 CEST 2012

Something which I think would be an awesome feature would be to monitor 
open file destinations for the file being renamed or deleted, and then 
reopen the file in such an event. The benefit of this is that when doing 
log rotation, you don't have to SIGHUP syslog-ng to make it re-open 
files. It would also make it so that all destination buffers don't have 
to be flushed and reopened, just the single file destination.

The only downside is portability as not all OSs support the same way of 
doing this. On linux this can be easily done through inotify, and it 
looks like the BSD equivalent is kqueue (though I have pretty much no 
BSD experience). For platforms which there isn't a good method, we could 
instead fall back to a simple polling.


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