[syslog-ng] [Bug 178] Spoofed source address bug introduced in 3.3.5

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--- Comment #7 from Marvin Nipper <marvin.nipper at stream.com>  2012-07-03 14:50:22 ---
I see that I did not say this in the original submission, but I did want to point out that I have never been able to get a clean compile (in Solaris 10, x86)
of the SourceForge version of libnet.  It seemed to have a rat's nest of issues in Solaris.

As such, I'm still using the older (original PacketFactory) version of libnet, albeit patched to fix a checksum bug.  I'm not sure if that will matter at all,
in your work, but I did want to make sure that I mentioned it.

And as a reference, here are my internal documentation notes about the issues that I ran into with the SourceForge version of libnet.  I've not even begun
playing with Solaris 11, so I'm curious if you had any issues with libnet, when you built it there.

My notes (just copy/pasted without any real editing).........
One problem occurs in lib/core/connhelp.c, due to a conflict with an existing system variable on Solaris (index_t).  That error is easily fixed by editing the
source and replacing the conflicting name (i.e. using “:1,$s/index_t/cindex_t/g”).  But then an additional failure occurs in lib/drivers/internet.c, due to
a missing header file (needed only for Solaris).  Even that is fixable by adding “#include <sys/filio.h>” after the line with “#include "inetdefs.h"”,
BUT THEN, the same module fails with errors related to an undeclared variable FIONBIO.  In short, at this point in our efforts to try to make this version of
the library work, it just seemed like this was headed down the rabbit hole, and not worth the effort, especially when the other libnet version worked fine.

As always.  THANKS for your help.

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