[syslog-ng] syslog-ng 3.3.6 Hangs on Solaris 8 sparc

Rakesh Rajasekharan rakesh.rajasekharan at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 13:17:53 CET 2012

Hi All,

I have compiled the syslog-ng version 3.3.6 on a Solaris Sparc machine .
The compilation went through fine but when I try to run syslog-ng .. though
the daemon gets running somehow the unix prompt is not returned..
and it hangs...

For ex:-
# ps -ef|grep -i syslog
    root 14073 11758  0 07:11:37 pts/4    0:00 vi syslog-ng.d
    root 14097 13526  0 07:15:48 pts/1    0:00 grep -i syslog

Now if I start the daemon using the below options...
# /opt/soe/local/syslog-ng-3.3.6/sbin/syslog-ng -f
/opt/soe/local/syslog_ng/etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf -p

I never get back the prompt..

but if on another window I check.. the daemon has started..
 ps -ef|grep -i syslog
    root 14099 11758  0 07:16:17 pts/4    0:00 grep -i syslog
    root 14098 13526 23 07:16:04 pts/1    0:13
/opt/soe/local/syslog-ng-3.3.6/sbin/syslog-ng -f

though I guess... i should expect one more child to this...

can someone please help me address this issue please...

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