[syslog-ng] [Bug 212] strange hostnames from /etc/hosts with threaded(yes);

bugzilla at bugzilla.balabit.com bugzilla at bugzilla.balabit.com
Tue Dec 11 16:41:05 CET 2012


--- Comment #4 from Brian Kroth <bpkroth at gmail.com>  2012-12-11 16:41:04 ---
Aww, that's too bad.  I'm used to just emailing my ticket system.

Hmm, I'm not seeing the Reply-To header.  There's an In-Reply-To, but that's different.  The full headers are below.

Also, I installed the 3.3.7 packages for squeeze from your repo a moment ago.  I'll let it run for the day and let you know if I see any changes.


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