[syslog-ng] WARNING: window sizing for tcp sources

Gergely Nagy algernon at balabit.hu
Tue Dec 11 12:52:46 CET 2012

Anton Koldaev <koldaevav at gmail.com> writes:

> source s_remote {
>     udp(ip( port(514) so_rcvbuf(1024000)); # Switches are
> configured to send logs here
>     tcp(ip( port(5140) max-connections(250) so_rcvbuf(1024000)
> log_iw_size(20000) so_keepalive(yes) log_fetch_limit(100));
>     syslog(ip( transport("tcp") port(5141) max-connections(200)
> log_iw_size(20000) flags("threaded") log_fetch_limit(100));
> };

The log_iw_size(20000)/max-connections(250) thing is what triggers the
error message, by the looks of it. Increasing log_iw_size to 25000
should make the warning go away.

The warning could use an update, though, that makes it clearer where it
gets the numbers from.


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