[syslog-ng] 3.2.5 preparations

Balazs Scheidler bazsi at balabit.hu
Sat Oct 22 08:10:12 CEST 2011


I wanted to publish a last maintenance release from the 3.2 branch
before moving on to work on 3.4.

I've backported the relevant patches, tests have ran (both on my
development computer and a separate build environment), but I'd like to
ask anyone running 3.2.x to test it in more production-like

The current state is available in git, but I've also uploaded a tarball


These patches were applied since 3.2.4:

4f27ef33af4d84a31f237469e493ddd3834404fe nvtable: implement proper limitation on NVTable size
b6136da08fb3421239a1c2dc40b582a5a7a2e78b gprocess: Implement stricter CAP_SYSLOG checking.
7e1a3903c0635a9a5070a6998ebc3f4e1282f33e syslogformat: handle AIX style message forwards properly
304539186bab96254d683b3026a00d5404903252 cfg_persist_config_add_entry(): call destroy notify if persist config is empty
409304c6fdcabbd1c321d57e2bbbd3d412a43cf2 cfg-lexer.c: don't include hidden files when including a directory
7ca0e8d65048b65fe3c0015ffc7ac8d73a234833 timezone format: handle half hours in the negative range properly
e9dfe15a804610def3186f104853cc5626adbf53 Copyright fixups
320e4d065df521a61ff000e848f1e6a7a787c616 program-override(): disable the effect of store-legacy-msghdr flag
ef4a0ff535f2860036d8901b290b204aca7568fa persist-state: fixed a memory small leak
fc91010594fe80ba111020f1bb4e23ef41acfdc6 cfg-lexer: closed a memory leak in token blocks handling
9f2153fdb3d9b9cdc120af85db5e87f93cbcec0b PCRE matcher: free the pointer returned by pcre_study() to close a memory leak
2884c8fa188ec1ab8e09799b9c6d497cf8aa423f blocks: propagate include problems as parser errors
c2669ffeeae0825c9de637c04794dcfa3965b3de logmatcher: fixed a possible crash in case a regexp match is applied to a read-only macro
a2fdfc9ee73c1def081eed0c554c592fd6bea572 [SCL] set empty default parameter to block
ce2d45f63b9b2ee7b3b486e517b92662158c321d logproto: fixed an inbalanced get_state()/put_state() pair
3e9be2596c298e31a3b3478c430d517f5bfe42c9 [lex-rules.am]: rules use $(EGREP) instead of grep -E.(EGREP is -E compliant grep implementati
b00fde64d08642eb06e1cc342f1c762a7dde6767 afsocket: Fixed a wrong cast in afsocket_dd_set_keep_alive().
5490cf73b95a597c8695407c875cf55d23679bb9 [plugin] on AIX syslog-ng try to load .a archive modules
e98032d07cdcb3a51fe1a7ddda3d3d24b0985a92 zone_info_parser: move variable declaration to the beginning of the function
88596d2b069bcdc46e207487be398ef31aa0aad9 tlscontext: fixed a possible segfault in certificate validation
160e7ebe5e6bd2ef1b0c0e79563d617c3f6f0065 [SDATA] Allow store sdata section without name or value
8bcab2e198863847036809c765b5415371d34760 afprog: automatically close pipes to child programs when executing external programs
cd47492eb7733c443bccac4891efc398ab393a62 [syslog-ng-ctl] Added GLIB check version
81e350e410344e3eb1b79464359aa838507bf56a func_test: improve SQL autodetection
e138c672b11eee0b30f5036872f0866dbaa6e255 system(): Bail out on unknown systems, and use a clean environment to generate config.
32650278fb35fb6f82522df54014c8d57f1705aa [persist]: only check the buffer size if no encoding is specified
2dc66883f722709b50e30875f8bb64daf24536ca LogProtoBufferedServer: fixed error handling in case the persist-state cannot be restored
a4ff6764e06d7ae9eeaab8b9a89336680362ebb1 gprocess: fixed compilation error on old glibc versions
f69ded4f05ddb1afcdf0ffbf3e16f1fbe3d6b53a func_test: make it possible to check whether it makes sense to run a testcase
ae0ff59d9a761c2fda8a19b0c05e0e05c59bae57 Use CAP_SYSLOG instead of CAP_SYS_ADMIN, if available.
f54686441496ded775877e33ad2c3e0310861b7b logreader flags: fixed segfault on unknown flags
e2961e1c738c8b02ca6057ac34415536830dd0e9 add support for installing systemd unit files
2db971fc37471e39f6a8b34595ca23833166831e fixed chain-hostnames() processing
2f214c4f87d944aa28d53e331a67b1fd88d9840f systemd: make sure the acquired fd is in non-blocking mode

I intend to wait a couple of days to do the actual release, but I'll proceed in 
a week or so without feedback too.


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